"Manos offers a hysterically funny view of the Greek crisis"

"His anecdotes are full of smart, subtle humour and his jokes delicate, textured with witty punchlines. Interesting and clearly very intelligent" THE SKINNY

"He is very good. His humour extends to economics, etymology and cous-cous. And he has the only truly funny Susan Boyle joke I have heard"
Kate Copstick –THE SCOTSMAN

"See Manos, laugh and learn something along the way"

Welcome to my website. I am Manos Kanellos (also known as Manos the Greek), a UK based Greek stand-up comedian and writer. I am available for gigs, shows and comments.  

Being a Greek immigrant with a Ph.D. in Horticulture, my material ranges from Greece and its economy (or lack of), to immigration and horticulture (a much underrated comedy subject). It’s clean, intelligent and funny if I say so myself (which I do). I perform regularly in the comedy circuit, as well as at comedy festivals around UK and abroad.

You can now purchase my book ‘A Comedian’s Guide to Greece’ from Amazon as a kindle or actual paper copy. The book is a candid account of historical, geographical and cultural aspects of my mother country and its inhabitants. It will give you some interesting and funny facts about Greece, and hopefully help you understand the Greeks a little better. It aims to give you a lot of trivial, inside information, as well as a good laugh

The book is based on my the three stand-up comedy shows performed across the UK the last few years namely ‘Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Greece But Were Afraid To Ask’, ‘The Tale of An Immigrant’ and ‘Greekonomics’. The performances were in a quest to educate the British about Greece and increase the quantity and quality of British tourists going to Greece. They have had a negligible effect so far, but you can never lose hope. Maybe the answer is a DVD.

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You can see a teaser of my latest book below:

  A Comedian's Guide to Greece

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